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Isabel de los Rios
A dramatic difference in my skin - in just 30 days!

“After just 30 days of consistently using Nudu skin care products I saw a dramatic difference in my skin. The dry patches around my mouth and chin completely went away and the breakouts around my hair line also completely stopped. I am consistently getting compliments on my skin. Thank you Nudu for creating something that not only makes my skin look and feel great, but does not contain harmful chemicals. I love using skin care I know is safe and nourishing for my body.”

~ Isabel de los Rios, Beyond Diet
All The Women In My Family Are Nudu Converts!

“I'm always sceptical of the latest cream to come out. I have dry and sensitive skin that usually burns against more skin care products, even those that purport to be for sensitive skin. Not only that but with my skin I usually find that creams for dry skin are either greasy and leave my face shiny or aren't moisturising enough and leave my skin feeling tight, requiring reapplication twice a day. This isn't the case with Nudu. This cream is not only good as a standalone product but under sunscreen too as I tested out during the summer months. It allows for a flawless application of foundation, powder and concealer over it. Best of all it has a lovely, natural smell and isn't artificially perfumed, which usually irritates the skin. Nudu is a clear rival to anything ever used by generations of women in my family and my mother and sister are now converts. Please provide a sunscreen range next!”

~ Zayna Ali, London – age 20s
Zayna Ali
Elisa Wagstaff
Strangers Often Comment On My Skin!

“I absolutely love Nudu. The products smell as clean and gentle as they feel on your skin. I use the gel cleanser religiously and did throughout my pregnancy and breastfeeding. It works. Strangers often comment on my skin!

~ Elisa Wagstaff, London – age 35
My Skin Is Brighter and Softer

“I have problematic skin to start with, blemish prone, enlarged pores, oily, and very sensitive to harsh treatments. The balancing moisturizer for oily skin is my favorite. With all my issues, this is the first moisturizer in my lifetime that I want to use every night. I know at my age I need it, and have never found one that did not cause me to break out, intensify my already oily skin, or on the other side, do nothing at all because it was for oily skin. The softness of my skin immediately changed. I love the gel face wash, and in combination with the natural fiber-exfoliating pad, my face is clean, polished, and fresh. Nudu has not irritated or caused my problematic skin to worsen, in fact, my skin is brighter and softer. I love the smell and textures as well! Currently I am using the ultra moisture cream for my sunburned lips, and I use it on my neck, chest, and hands each night before bed. Finally, I have found a line of skin care that works with my skin!”

~ Courteney Gunnels, Louisiana – age 35
Courteney Gunnels
Yvonne Williams
People Notice The Difference!

“I had pretty good skin before BUT still notice a significant difference after about a week of regularly using Nudu. My favorite part is; you know that feeling right after you put on a good quality moisturizer? How lovely it feels right after it settles in, and you touch your face thinking 'I wish my skin would feel exactly like this 24/7'? Well, I will have you know that religiously using my Nudu products makes that exact wonderful feeling last almost ALL day I feel. Seriously anytime I, or my lovely boyfriend touches my skin we both have to smile about how soft (like a baby's bum) my skin feels :) The longer/more consistently I use the products the longer that feeling lasts. It feels and looks super soft, not shiny or dry. A few times now I have been asked if I had just taken some relaxing vacation - because my skin literally looks glowing :) I am using even less makeup now than I already did, a little BB cream at times. Somehow my skincare routine seems less of a habit and more fun, now that I know the products I am using are truly great for me, all of me. I’d be really excited about a ‘body lotion’ in this line as well. If you could make my whole body feel like my face does, I will have to come find and hug you!”

~ Yvonne Williams, USA – age 27
Pure And Luxurious

“As a 38 year old woman (busy mom & wife, in addition to working a full time job), I can say first hand that I know the toll daily life can take on your skin. I never paid much attention to the ingredients in skincare products until I became pregnant with my first son. I then started evaluating every ingredient that went into and ON to my body, and couldn’t believe some of the potentially harmful chemicals that I was exposing myself and my baby to. I began my search for something that would keep my skin and body HEALTHY in addition to beautiful. I can now honestly say that I have found a brand that I LOVE. Nudu is a product that I feel safe using, and would highly recommend to my closest friends and family. They clearly developed the product with the wellbeing of us women in mind, for a final product that is pure and clean, yet nothing short of luxurious. Even with my normal skin type I have noticed a significant difference. It didn’t take long after I started using Nudu that I began to see a healthy glow, and an all around softer, smoother appearance. So much so that people around me started noticing and asking me what I was doing differently! It feels great to know that I am now caring for my skin inside and out!”

~ Angela Laffey, Texas – age 38
Angela Laffey
Chloe Laffey
I noticed a difference immediately

“Nudu is an amazing skin care system and I'm so glad I found it! I noticed a difference in my skin immediately - my face now feels soft and supple - no more dry patches around my nose and even my lips are no longer dry and cracking! I love the fresh, light fragrance of the cleanser and the toner. The eye cream and the moisturizer make an instant difference in the feel of my face.
Others have noticed the difference, they ask what have I done different that's making me look younger - I just smile and say, "Nudu". Lines and wrinkles are disappearing and it's natural based - which to me is the best - I'm not putting anything on my face or into my system that may end up being harmful. I would encourage everyone to try it, it's easy to use and it works!”

~ Chloe Laffey, Oak Island, NC – age 50s
Superior effectiveness

“I have been exceptionally pleased with the Nudu Products. I was hesitant at first, as I've tried many products on the market. I've used the products for several weeks now, and find that my skin is so much softer, with more smoother appearance overall. The cleanser is very gentle and rinses off very easily. The toner has a nice touch of never having to dispense too much as it comes out slowly, just enough. My favorite is the moisturizer, as it goes on very smoothly, and has a very pleasant scent. The eye cream has helped the dryness around my eyes. I can't say enough about this line, and am very excited for it's launch. I feel it has truly tested to be superior in its effectiveness, and it's been a privilege to be able to use these products.”

~ Debbie Fukai, Encinitas, CA
Debbie Fukai
Jo Wagstaff
Health, softness, and glow within a week

“I truly love the new Nudu skincare range. I have used a lot of different skincare products over my years so I was a little sceptical at trying another one, however they are beautiful products. The texture and consistency of the different products feel great on my skin, very luxurious. And I love the natural fragrances. Within a week I noticed a difference to the health, softness and glow of my skin. As did others around me. Natural Beauty they are.”

~ Jo Wagstaff, NSW, Australia – age 40s
My skin is looking fabulous

“I've been using Nudu for about 4 weeks now. My skin is looking fabulous, the moisturizer is so light and soft on your skin, it feels great all day long!”

~ Katy Brock, Chicago, IL – age 30s
Katy Brock
Chip Stern
I have gained self confidence and clear skin

“Nudu is an incredible product! When first using Nudu products I had no hesitations, as I knew that each of the products were non-toxic and that the creators and makers of the line had the best of intentions when creating the skincare line. While using the products I found that it was hassle free, so much so that I look forward to my skincare routine every morning and night. I slowly started to see positive changes in my blemishes and scars that bared my face. Being a teenager I had always been insecure about the way I presented myself to others from an aesthetic standpoint, but with the products and the hope I have put into Nudu I found myself gaining confidence. 
Wearing makeup was never something that I enjoyed putting on in the morning and taking off at night. I felt like my pores and skin were being suffocated by all the primer, foundation, and BB cream I applied to my face because of me so desperately wanting to hide my blemishes and scars. Now I can feel comfortable going to places like the gym (where you shouldn’t even wear makeup), grocery store, and even school with no makeup at all, thanks to Nudu. All the time I get noticed by my peers, family, and friends on how clear my skin looks. It feels so incredibly rewarding that all because of the Nudu skincare line I have gained self confidence, clear skin, and a sense of excitement when it finally comes down to when use the luxurious products every morning and night!”

~ Chip Stern, Carlsbad, CA – age 18
A difference in the fine lines around my eyes

“I have been using Nudu Natural Beauty Eye Cream and I love it. I like the fact that it's natural. The consistency is light and absorbs quickly, so it looks great under makeup. I can tell a difference in the fine lines/wrinkles around my eyes. I would definitely recommend it! ”

~ Renee Wall, Tanner, AL – age 52
Renee Wall
Nikki Fawcett
Leaves me feeling refreshed and glowing

“I have been really enjoying my Nudu products. The packaging looks really classy with the white and gold and I love the sweet themed bar codes - a nice touch. I like that I can identify what the fragrance is in each of the products and the fact that it is a natural thing. The cleanser is very moisturizing and the sponge used to apply it is very comfortable and leaves me feeling refreshed and glowing. Overall I believe there has been a slight improvement in the fine lines under my eyes and my skin feels well hydrated. I have been using the product for about a month now.”

~ Nikki Fawcett, San Diego, CA – age 51
My skin feels firmer, refreshed and clear

“I absolutely love my Nudu products! The process has been great fun - from choosing which products would be suitable for my skin, to developing a new, complete skin routine. My skin feels firmer, refreshed and clear. And the beautiful packaging of the products means that I don’t need to hide them away, they fit perfectly with my bathroom design.”

~ Rachel Johnson, London, UK – age 20s
Rachel Johnson
From desert to an oasis

“To say there has been a marked improvement in my skin since using Nudu is an understatement! By following the simple 3 step regimen it has transformed my once dry, dull and lifeless skin into a firm, moisture rich and glowing oasis. I love to start my day by using a little of the cream cleanser on the konjac sponge whilst in the shower. It gives my skin a deep yet gentle cleanse and prepares it for the other products. The toner is beautiful and each time I apply it I feel like I'm giving my skin a treat. It is nectar-like in texture and I love how the botanical smells envelop my skin and senses. To finish off I use the gentle moisturizer. Since moving to a warmer climate my skin had become dehydrated and dull. The gentle moisturizer has changed that and my skin drinks in the lotion. The chemical-laden skincare I previously used is now a thing of the past. I love the integrity of the Nudu products and refuse to use anything else.”

~ Gemma Williams, North County, CA – age 41
Gemma Williams
Della Ramsdell
Smoother and less puffy

“I am 52 years old and like most have damaged my skin with too much sun exposure and the use of many different products. I have been using NUDU products for approximately 6 weeks now. The other day I was wondering to myself if anyone noticed a difference in the appearance of my skin when on Mother's Day my daughter said to me: "Mom your skin looks really good, seems smoother and your eyes are not as puffy." Since I have been using NUDU I have noticed a significant difference in the tone and texture of my skin and I am extremely pleased with the change in the eye area, which has always been my biggest problem. The fine lines and puffiness have significantly decreased. I especially like the gel cleanser, toner and gentle moisturizer. NUDU is non-toxic, has a very pleasant scent and for me has made a significant difference in my skin care routine. I highly recommend this product.”

~ Della Ramsdell, Adams, NY – age 52
My red blotches cleared in 7 days – after struggling for years

"Prior to switching to Nudu, I was unhappy with my skincare routine. My skin was extremely dry, but my nose was oilier than undercooked French fries. I've been using Nudu toner and moisturizer for ten days now, and already I can see a major improvement! My skin has never been this soft and radiant! It’s gone from extreme combination to consistent and normal. The most unexpected benefit is that my overall tone has evened out beyond what I thought was possible. I’ve struggled for years with red blotches on my cheeks and around my nose, and after about seven days of my Nudu routine, everything just cleared up. The change has been so drastic and encouraging that I've felt comfortable leaving the house without foundation for the past three days."

"I have been searching far and wide for skincare products that are as non-toxic as they claim to be, and yet are also effective. I had all but given up when I discovered Nudu. Not only do their products exclude all of the questionable chemicals found in most skincare items, but they package their moisturizers in airless pumps (instead of the standard jars most creams use,) which help stabilize sensitive ingredients and reduce the risk of contaminating products with harmful bathroom bacteria. If I made a list of everything I could ever want in a toner or moisturizer, Nudu would meet every single requirement. Thank you, Nudu, for helping me love my skin!"

~ Kimber Wiegand, Baltimore, MD – age 27
Kimber Wiegand
Della Ramsdell
Exactly what I’ve been looking for

“I have had a strict cleanse/tone/moisturize regime since I was 15, I am now 64.  I have therefore experimented with many products of varying quality and price over the years.  I have found latterly that I have struggled to find a moisturizer which will combat the extremely dry areas of skin on the lower part of my face. I was amazed when I tried the Nudu range, it was exactly what I had been looking for for years!  The toner leaves my skin feeling wonderfully soft and hydrated and the ultra rich moisturiser adds the finishing touch. I just love my new skin!”

~ Cheryl Moore, Cambridge, UK – age 64
A little product goes a long way

"I enjoy the Nudu regimen. A little bit of product goes a long way. The cleanser feels truly cleansing, and I love the exfoliating sponge. The toner makes my skin feel tingly, and the moisturizer and eye cream actually make my skin feel softer. My skin just drank them up. The moisturizer has a pleasant, gentle fragrance with a creamy texture. While the products don't eliminate wrinkles or age spots, they make me feel luxurious, and in using them, I know I'm truly nurturing my skin. And, I like knowing I'm using a more natural beauty product. Lastly, all the products are smart looking and elegantly packaged, making them easy to use every day and for travel."

~ Katherine Edgren, Dexter, MI – age 65
Kimber Wiegand
J.K. Brown
My friends compliment me on how great my skin looks!

“I was introduced to the fabulous, moisturizing, Nudu skincare products one month ago, by my daughter. I love that the products are carefully formulated with special oils and healthy ingredients and a natural scent... and do not have a strong perfumed aroma. My favorite products are the reviving toner, which removes all traces of makeup and soil and the ultra soothing eye cream. At night I use the Ultra Rich anti aging moisturizer for mature skin, which is also good to use on the neck. My friends have complimented me on how great my skin looks and I highly recommend that you try NUDU.”

~ J.K. Brown, Palm Desert, CA – age 60+
At last I know what soft, dewy skin means

"There are lots of great natural products out there now. However, I have never used a skin-care line that feels as luxurious as Nudu. I've been using Nudu cleanser, toner, moisturizer, eye cream, and natural exfoliating konjac sponge for about a month now, and my face feels unbelievably supple. I never really knew what people meant when they talked about soft, dewy skin. Now I have it! #neverturningback #canyoumakeabodycarelineplease"

~ Ashley Boycher, Baltimore, MD
Ashley Boycher
Linda Hirst
My skin feels fresh, not tight

“I was so thrilled to open my delivered package of Nudu products recently!! Each product was individually boxed in the brand's simple yet chic, colors of white and gold. I was excited that evening to try out all of the products, and I wasn't disappointed!! The products came with a vegetable root face exfoliator. The exfoliator needs to be held under warm running water to soften it, and then it's ready to use, simple as that!! All products have a delightful soft peach fragrance to them, a light amount to awaken the senses. The cream cleanser feels rich, yet smooth. Often a cream cleanser needs a good amount on the face to clean, however a small amount of the Nudu is all that is needed. The vegetable root exfoliant is fun to use and is useful for cleaning around the chin and nose. It feels divine!! The reviving toner takes away any last traces of make up. So gentle it can be used close to the eyes. My skin felt fresh, not tight like some toners can leave the skin. The gentle moisturizer is my all time favorite!! A tiny pea size amount is all that's needed but I like to pump the bottle more to use on my neck and my hands too!! My skin drinks it in! And then there's the eye cream!! Again a tiny amount is needed, I pat it gently under my eyes using my ring finger, and also apply the eye cream to my lips, and forehead furrows!!  I'm extremely pleased with the Nudu range. I'm hoping for the range to expand to a hand cream. ”

~ Linda Hirst, San Diego, CA – age 40s
Transforms the area around my eyes

"I've never been a person to follow a beauty regime but the Nudu products I received have changed that! I now cleanse tone and moisturise and my skin has changed for the better. I was apprehensive about using new products on my face as I have sensitive skin but I needn't have worried. I have had no reaction to the products and have plenty of praise for Nudu. The cleanser used with the exfoliating sponge leaves my skin feeling super soft. The toner makes my skin feel refreshed. The moisturiser needs only to be used in small amounts and instantly gives my skin a healthy glow. I've never used eye-cream before but it is now part of my routine. It transforms the area around my eyes from a dry and dull area to moisture rich zones."

"Nudu products ensure I look after me without adding too much time to my normal routine. I like that the products are made from natural ingredients and are packaged luxuriously. I love the attention to detail on each barcode! And furthermore they smell divine. The items are lightweight and fit easily into my travel bag when I'm staying away from home. I would definitely recommend Nudu to anyone who wants to spend a little time on themselves to look and feel great."

~ Melanie Grychtol, Wolverhampton, UK – age 30s
Melanie Grychtol
Laurel Sakihara
Eye cream rids my skin of that crapey look

“I am 55 and have very, very dry skin.  I find it very difficult finding products rich enough to make my dry winter skin comfortable.  I was excited to try the products.  I liked the idea that they are made with natural ingredients, no toxic chemicals and no animal testing.  But would they work to soothe my dry skin? I have been using Nudu for the past 2 months and I’m pleased to say my skin looks and feels great.  I am using the cream cleanser which has no soapy feel and doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight, the toner, eye cream and ultra-rich moisturizer.  It is the last two products that I feel have made the biggest difference to my skin.  The eye cream goes on smoothly and soaks in quickly, ridding my skin of that crapey look.  The ultra-rich moisturizer took a while to get used to.  It is super rich and takes a while to completely soak into my skin.  But once it does soak in, it lasts all day long.  It is not unusual for me to have to reapply moisturizer during the day but didn’t have that problem with this product. I usually use a separate day cream and night cream but found this moisturizer rich enough for night time use.  I have enjoyed using the Nudu products and would recommend this product line to anyone with problem dry skin.”

~ Laurel Sakihara, Encinitas, CA
My normally dry skin hasn’t felt so plump and hydrated in years!

"I have been on the hunt for a natural skincare range for a while now, and Nudu ticks all the boxes. I love that the products are free of toxic chemicals and they do not test on animals – big big ticks there! The Nudu products not only feel luxurious on my skin, they smell so beautiful as well. The cleanser is so gentle, it doesn't leave my skin feeling tight or dry after use. And the ultra-rich moisturiser for mature skin is just what I needed – my normally dry skin hasn't felt so plump and hydrated in years! I would definitely recommend you try out the Nudu skincare range for yourself and give your skin a treat!"

~ Mae Hooi, Victoria, Aus – age 30s
Mae Hooi
Brita Down
The ultimate of luxurious moisturizers – a game changer

“The konjac sponge is an extremely gentle yet thorough exfoliator. The sponge itself is soft and pleasant as you lightly exfoliate. The shape and texture of the sponge is just right to easily exfoliate, efficiently and also with care. I use once a week on my sensitive skin, and it does not irritate or exfoliate harshly. The toner is light and fresh, and revives tired skin in a gentle and refreshing way. It does not irritate or overdry my sensitive skin. It smells heavenly! The cream cleanser is my absolute favorite product. It is creamy and rich, but smells fresh and lemony and cleans so gently and with a fresh feeling. My skin is super gentle and I cleanse with this twice daily for the moisturizing, super soft effect it gives my skin. The eye cream is divine. It is soft and supple and a little goes a very long way. It has smoothed out the skin around my eyes and made my skin so soft and hydrated. It complements all the other "dry skin" products so well. The ultra rich moisturizer is amazingly rich and hydrating. It is the ultimate of luxurious moisturizers without being heavy and greasy. I have dry/combination skin and this moisturizer has been a game changer! My skin is so soft and even in texture. After using it for a month, I don't even have to use it daily!! And this is from someone with dry skin!! A must have for anyone with dry and sensitive skin. And it smells so delicious.”

~ Brita Down, Stowe, VT – age 30s
An esthetician complimented my hydrated skin

"I don't wear much makeup and I am careful about how my skin looks. I am 55 years old. My skin was a little bit dry before I started using Nudu and I have to say I've been very pleased in a very short amount of time. The Nudu line was very gentle and easy to use. I love the smell of the moisturizer. The eye cream sinks in almost immediately. Thank goodness, since I like being on my way. The cleanser and the toner are also very lovely to use. I really feel like my skin has more tone now in just a few weeks. The hyper-pigmentation is still there but it doesn't seem to bother me quite as much. My skin certainly has more moisture than it did have. My Nudu experience has been wonderful and I would recommend it to my friends. I get compliments like “you're so young looking, your skin looks so dewy”… Who doesn't want to hear that? I recently went to an esthetician who commented how hydrated my skin looks. That's a compliment when you're 55 – actually it's a compliment any age, coming from someone in the business of skin. So thank you Nudu I appreciate how good my skin looks now!"

~ Susan Lovell, San Marcos, CA – age 55
Susan Lovell
The fine lines on my neck have diminished

“Nudu products are nicely packaged and easy to open.  I like the white and gold color combo and the clean, sleek lines of the bottle shape.  It feels expensive, stylish, and easy to handle.  I have the cream cleanser, toner, softening moisturizer, gentle moisturizer and eye cream.  The cream cleanser is very creamy, it feels silky and doesn't strip my face of moisture after washing.  It takes most of my make up off except my mascara, which is tough to remove with any existing cleanser I have used except jojoba oil.  The toner smells nice and fresh, like lemon grass and doesn't sting my eyes if in I get it in them.  Both of the moisturizers feel rich, smell of peach and fresh green tea leafs.  I use the softening one for day and the gentle one at night as I live in New England and need more moisturizing at night.  The eye cream feels nice on. After using the products for a couple of weeks, my skin feels soft and supple and the fine lines on my neck have diminished a bit.  Nudu is mostly natural ingredients, different from what I typically use and I was pleasantly surprised how well it works on my skin.”

~ Anonymous, Providence, RI – age 30s
Lines, dark circles, bags… all hugely reduced

"I absolutely love my Nudu products. The eye cream has completely diminished my fine lines, dark circles and bags and the deeper lines are hugely reduced. The gentle moisturiser feels luxurious and replenishing yet leaves an almost matt effect on my skin, though not drying, creating a fantastic base for make up. The gel cleanser smells spa-like and has reduced my open pores. I had considered invasive treatments in my quest for anti-ageing but with these products, I don't feel as if I need it. I look in the mirror and am pleasantly surprised with my almost youthful skin. I cannot recommend Nudu highly enough. "

~ Laura Faid, Berkshire, UK – age 38
Laura Faid
Emily Howe
I feel comfortable for moral reasons

“I have tried numerous skin care products and brands over the years to find the right products that work for me in the environment I live in, some have been more successful than others.  My Nudu skincare arrived in a beautiful box (all recyclable materials) and the start of a great relationship was forming.  I started integrating the Nudu products into my daily routine as other products finished, so the effect wasn’t initially obvious.  However, after a number of weeks and using the Nudu products more consistently I am very pleased with the results.  I have combination/oily skin and I am prone to the odd breakout so not everything works for me.  I am also outside commuting to work through London traffic on a bicycle (which I am sure does my skin no favours) so I need products to properly cleanse my skin, but also to nurture, moisturise and care for my skin through the elements.  I have been very pleased with my cleanser, toner, eye cream & moisturiser.  They have been such a pleasant addition to my skincare regime. The products really are fabulous to use and I do notice the difference to my skin. Plus the company has an ethos that I agree with and so I can feel comfortable putting their products on my skin for moral reasons as well as in the name of beauty!  I have no hesitations to recommending Nudu skincare to others, my only disappointment is that there isn’t currently a face mask to use as well!”

~ Emily Howe, London, UK – age 33
Refreshing, not drying

"I have really enjoyed using the range of Nudu products. They were well packaged when they were delivered – no leakages or damage. The products themselves were all in easy to use containers. I particularly liked the pump dispenser of the moisturiser that stops wastage. The mainly white colour scheme was elegant and sophisticated with the nature accents on the bar code a nice touch.

The cream cleanser smelt nice and was very effective at removing all traces of make up. The toner was refreshing and not drying. The moisturiser was easily absorbed and non greasy. The eye cream was light and did not irritate. The sponge was a nice addition to the routine – a gentle exfoliation without being harsh. 

I would definitely use this range again."

~ Kath Gerighty, Cambridge, UK – age 40s
Kath Gerighty
Emi Suzuki
I feel comfortable for moral reasons

“I have always struggled with my combination skin; it is difficult to find products that can properly hydrate while not making me greasy by the end of the day. The Nudu products took away my dry, flaky skin and did not disappoint me with any excess oil remnants. 

I love that the products are non-toxic. I don't have to worry about my young daughters getting into my skincare products because the ingredients are safe and natural based. 

I really love this skin care line!”

~ Emi Suzuki, Seattle, WA – age 31
Heavenly scent

"There are many great things I must share about Nudu. First, the packaging is gorgeous and matches the philosophy the brand is aiming to communicate, which to me is luxurious natural beauty. From the boxing to the design of the containers, I was thrilled to try the products.

Next, the scent is heavenly. It is pure and rich. I can tell there are no additives. It has a scent of fresh flowers and essential oils. 

The cream cleanser is very soft and rich. A gorgeous texture that feels silky on my fingers and face. It spreads evenly and responds well to water. The special natural sponge is a great addition. Although, Nudu suggests to use this 2-3 times a week, I find myself reaching for it each night to assure myself that all my make up is removed. My skin glows and laminates after buffing my skin with it.

The reviving toner not only smells great but feels great. I really like that it doesn’t sting or burn or feel cool on the skin. It feels soothing and supportive.

The eye cream is wonderful. I like that the portion size is large. In many other brands, I seem to run out of eye cream well before the rest of the products. This is great that when it is time to renew my order, I can buy all the components at the same time. The eye cream like the other products is soft and rich yet nourishing and supportive.

The ultra rich moisturizer is equally as rich, silky and protective as the other products. At first I was using more product than my face needed. I used the recommended amount as the pump only distributes a small controlled amount, however, that amount was too much for my face. I have extremely dry skin and this moisturizer works hard all day in the dry and hot weather my skin has to tolerate.

I am very much looking forward to trying the next products they introduce. I am enjoying these products and will continue to use them regularly. "

~ Elizabeth Scarcella, Palm Springs, CA - age 47
Elizabeth Scarcella
Tricia Chacon
A pure pleasure to use

“I have been using Nudu’s products for the past month and have found them a pure pleasure to use.  My Nudu regime consists of cleanser, toner, eye cream and moisturiser.  It’s great to know that I’m putting only safe products on my skin, and that they have never been tested on animals which is very important to me.  I like the subtle floral scents and the gentleness of the products, and my skin feels smooth and fresh after use.  The packaging not only looks great in my bathroom but is practical and strong.  I would certainly be very happy to continue using Nudu.”

~ Tricia Chacon, London, UK
Wendy Garafalo
Feels like a milk bath

“After using the Nudu products for a week, I noticed a tremendous difference. My skin felt softer and much less dry.  I teach yoga and am a mom of two, so I needed something simple, that could give me a moment after a long day to wind down and feel good.  Sometimes we get caught up thinking, I have to wash my face when after a long day all we want to do is crash on the bed.  And sometimes when we look in the mirror, all we notice is the faults, the imperfections, the wrinkles, the grays.  I've tried to change that thinking to allow my nightly ritual of self-care to be a reminder of how far I've come in this life and how amazing my body is.  Its my time, to smile at the funny moments of the day, to look at myself and say, 'Another beautiful day!  You are beautiful, you are bountiful, you are blissful.  And thus, my ritual begins.  

My night time ritual includes, the cream cleanser, the sponge (every couple of days), toner, gentle moisturizer and the eye cream.  The cream cleanser feels like a milk bath!  I love using the facial sponge and taking time to wash the day, the stress, the frustrations and the sweat off my face. After toning, the moisturizer feels so luxurious!  It’s been a long time since I've felt a moisturizer that feels so good!  And finally the eye cream, to bathe the areas on my face where emotions show and a life-time of memories and laughter is starting to sink in.  I hope you take the time to enjoy your ritual and to remember that every breath is a gift and that you are beautiful just by being true to who you are!  Namaste.”

~ Wendy Garafalo, Southern California – age 30s
My skin took a week or so to adjust – but it was worth it

"I absolutely loved the Nudu skin care line within a month of using the products. My skin is definitely oily especially in the T-zone area with dry patches here and there. In the first week of using Nudu, my skin got more dry but smoother. My favorite product to use was the eye cream. It is light enough to use underneath my eyes and eyelids. Basically, the next day I woke up with my eyes feeling soft and smooth. I also loved using the sponge to exfoliate in the shower; It exfoliated my skin very well. The toner has a rich scent but it wasn’t too harsh on my skin. It took a week or so for my skin to adjust but it was worth it. The gel cleanser was smoothing and gave my skin a tingly feeling after. The cleanser took off my makeup and cleaned my oily skin very well without over drying it. Overall, I love the Nudu skincare line. The tropical scents are refreshing but not too overbearing. My skin improved over a few weeks of using them. "

~ Tammy Nguyen, Baton Rouge, LA – age 20s
Tammy Nguyen
Diana Cortez
I instantly fell in love

“I recently used the Nudu Natural Beauty products. I instantly fell in love with the toner because it left my face feeling rejuvenated throughout the day and it wasn't harsh on my skin. I also loved the fresh, clean scent of the product. The combination of the cleansing gel and toner is the perfect duo.

I have fair skin and when I used the moisturizer on my face, it left my skin feeling oily. But for my granddaughter, it helped her face tremendously. For about a year now, she has suffered with dryness mainly around her chin and dry patches underneath her eyes. She has tried other moisturizers and oil masks for her face but nothing had a lasting effect. After only two days, she was already noticing improvement in her skin. Since she has started using the Nudu moisturizer, the pigment around her chin is slowly coming back and her dryness is a lot less noticeable. The dry spots under her eyes are gone. She loves how it doesn't burn her skin and how hydrating it feels. ”

~ Diana Cortez, Nederland, TX – age 60s
Smoother and more radiant in weeks

"Nudu’s range of skincare products is excellent. It’s great to find products that are natural based and yet really good for your skin. 

I have quite thirsty skin and have found Nudu’s moisturizer gives me just the right level of moisture without leaving my skin greasy. I also love the cleansing and exfoliating sponge. In the past I’ve only ever used face scrubs but the Nudu sponge is really gentle yet leaves my skin feeling incredibly clean, smooth and refreshed. 

I have been using Nudu's skincare range for a few weeks now and already my skin feels smoother and more radiant."

~ Caroline Hanlon, London, UK – age 38
Caroline Hanlon
Kandece Brown-Grod
A big difference to my post-partum and pre-menopausal skin

"I started using the products and noticed a big difference in how often I broke out and the type of breakouts. I am post-partum, and pre-menopausal, so keeping my skin hydrated and balanced is a big deal. I was very happy with the products!"

~ Kandece Brown-Grod, Palm Springs, San Diego, CA – age 46
Part of my overall health & wellness routine

"I was first introduced to Nudu back in March of 2016 and was very excited to try it out. I am always looking for natural products that are free of parabens and synthetics. As a health and wellness coach, I believe that it is so important to be aware of not only what goes in your body but what goes on your body too. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and in addition to protecting your body from the outside in, it shows the world how you look. So taking good care of it is essential and that's where a good, natural and pure skincare line comes into play. And Nudu is that skincare line. Made with natural ingredients and botanical oils, Nudu is a skincare line that is luxurious and easy to use. The four part system consists of a cleanser to purify, a toner to revive and balance, a moisturizer that is gentle yet ultra-rich to make your skin glow, and an eye cream to help fine lines and plump those tired eyes. In addition to the kit, I received a konjac sponge which is a vegetable root sponge that softens up once you run it under water. By adding just a small amount of the cleanser to the sponge, you exfoliate your face, neck and décolletage in a very gentle manner. No more harsh exfoliants! The products are easy to use and the smell is divine as if you were in a spa. One thing I did however learn was that a little goes a long way and the saying "less is more" is so spot on. I made the mistake of using too much of the products when I first started using them and didn't like the way it felt. Once I cut back on the amount, my skin felt amazing, plump, glowing and healthy. I definitely would recommend Nudu to everyone. It has become part of my overall health & wellness routine. I definitely will continue to incorporate it in my daily health & wellness program."

~ Amy Van Kooten, Carlsbad, CA – age 50,
Amy Van Kooten
Pamela Skaggs
My skin feels soft and luminous

"I have really enjoyed using the Nudu skincare line. I prefer to use natural products free from as many chemicals as possible, and Nudu really fits the bill. The products have a really light pleasing scent derived from essential oils, and leave my skin feeling soft and luminous. The eye cream provides so many benefits, and they provide you with much more than most skincare lines do. I think one of my favorite goodies in the line is the facial sponge. It provides great exfoliation and is not harsh on my sensitive skin."

~ Pamela Skaggs, Birmingham, AL – age 34

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